Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

Identify, inventory, and assess potential security centric issues in technology infrastructure. Provides an initial picture of security posture. Leverages automation, along with manual techniques, to get an initial threat landscape.

Penetration Testing

Practically gauge the efficacy of security controls, employing an adversarial perspective by simulating an attack. Provides a realistic view of genuine security posture. Assists with vulnerability prioritization activities.

Red Team Engagements

Full spectrum testing, using a targeted, opportunistic approach. Simulate adversarial tactics, in a clandestine fashion. Assess security posture, along with incident response processes, by focusing on evasion, and non-attribution.

Social Engineering

Assess end-user awareness, using tactics and scenarios used to coerce users into performing actions advantageous to attackers. Identify areas for improvement in end-user awareness training, as well as preventative and detective security controls.